Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween from The 3 Venomy Venoms!

Happy Halloween to all you Venomy Venomers!! I was gonna just sit back in the cave with a glass of cheap port and a cigar tonight and hand-out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood. Then, I remembered that I've got no neighborhood -- I'm alone out here in the desert. Fudge! Now I've got 12 king-sized bags of Kit Kats and 3 Muskateers(I hate those) that I've gotta get rid of. I guess I'll head out myself and hand the goodies to any kiddies I come across. Sheesh...the things I do for the holiday spirit!

Some of you wanted to show your Venomy Venoms spirit by wearing our costumes. Thanks! Just don't go and do anyting stupid while looking like me or I'll track you down like a cricket and stab my big 'ol black stinger into your neck! But otherwise...have a great time!!

Looks like the annual Halloween Sausage Party has started

Kinda cool, actually.
"Hey dude! There's a scorpion on your head!"

Fat guy in Glad trash bags and duct tape. Nice!

I know I coulda been lazy and just walked out of the cave without a costume. Folks would of thought I was a, well, Scorpion. But I figured that if I was gonna get all into the festivities even a little bit that I might as well do it right. I settled on a "tribute" costume of sorts...something in honor of my Shaolin kung-fu masters back at The Temple:

You think they'll know it's me?

Again, if anybody laughs they're getting a big, fat black stinger right in the neck!

Oh, and what Halloween would be complete without a carved pumpkin?! Like I said, if I'm gonna do it then I'm gonna do it! Here's mine:

No, that isn't a damn lobster!

So, again, a very Happy Halloween to you all out there. Stay safe, be nice to the little kids, and for heaven's sake spend the extra $3 for the good candy, please! Frickin lollipops and milk duds can go to hell!


At 12:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that scorpion costume looks damn cute!


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